In a bid to provide equal opportunities, Karachi hosts a job fair for disabled people

The event was highly applauded by guests as well as representatives of the companies participating.

A job fair was recently hosted in Karachi in order to make the job market more comprehensive for people with disabilities. It was hosted by NOWPDP (a non-profit organization), and it welcomed around 30 renowned Pakistani companies to participate along with many disable people so that they can interact with each other and make a bright future for themselves.
The respective job fair was open to everyone with a disability ranging from tactile flooring to ramps for people having any impairment (visual or physical) to move around freely. Apart from that, for those who cannot hear properly, qualified sign language interpreters were present too.
In an interview with the press, Salim, a disabled man who lost his job after he acquired physical disability, said,
“This fair is an opportunity for the corporate sector to get to know qualified people with disabilities and also work towards being inclusive — as is mandated by the law of the federal and the provincial governments.”


Setting a new example:

The event was highly applauded by guests as well as representatives of the companies participating. One of the company representatives at the fair, Qurat-ul-ain Rajput, said the cooperate sector needs to understand the hurdles of people with disabilities, and they ought to provide them with jobs they’d perfect for.
Apart from that, the Executive Director of NOWPDP, Omair Ahmad, stated,
“There’s a five percent employment quota for people with disabilities in the province of Sindh. Similarly, other provinces have set quotas also. What we are looking for now is the implementation. We hope that this event gives corporates an incentive to work towards disability inclusion and subsequently become legally compliant to the law.”
Various companies from the major sectors of the country participated in the job fair, including pharmaceutical firms, textile, and banking institutes. Another member from a partnered institute, Yasir Siddiqui, while addressing the media said,
“There is a sense of urgency in the banking sector, especially after the State Bank circular regarding disability inclusion. There is obviously a lack of educational opportunities for persons with disabilities, but until that gap is filled; companies should welcome people with disabilities with an open heart.”
An initiative like this one produces and drives forward an interchange for the dire need to mainstream the disabled people of the country, (which covers a significant minority) in the economic sector of Pakistan.

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