Karachi Jail: Prisoner shocks authorities by constructing a sanitization gate in just Rs. 3000

To everyone’s surprise, the inmate was able to build the full gate in only five days.

Muhammad Jameel, a prisoner at the Karachi Central Jail, shocked everyone by constructing a Coronavirus sanitization gate. In the construction of this gate, the prisoner used leftover equipment in prison, including a compressor of an old refrigerator, a few pipes, and a nozzle.

To everyone’s surprise, the inmate was able to build the full gate in only five days. Another surprising detail was the fact that it cost only Rs. 3,000 to construct the gate.

How did Jameel manage to do this? He explained:

I observed the sanitization gate previously installed in the jail by the Government. Keeping that in mind, I constructed a similar gate.

The prisoner, Jameel, went on to state that he can prepare more sanitization gates in the same manner and sell them in the market as well. However, the Government would have to ensure a continuous supply of equipment needed to construct these sanitization gates inside the jail for this to be possible.

Following this incident, the in-charge, Central Jail, raised concerns regarding the current status of the jail. They revealed that only one sanitization gate had been installed at the prison, which has 2,400 inmates.

The authorities shed light on the havoc Covid-19 has wreaked in the Central Jail and stated that 896 out of 3,500 prisoners had contracted the Coronavirus disease to date. These facts further strengthen the prison administrators’ appeal to install more sanitization gates at the overcrowded prison facility, to ensure the safety of the prisoners and the staff.

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