Karachi named as the 5th least liveable city in the world

Karachi’s rating out of 100, which is ideal, was 40.9.

Karachi’s name has been listed in the ’10 least liveable cities in the world’ by EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit), which is a research and analysis division of the Economist Group.
The city was named in the ‘Global Liveability Index 2019’, the list was made public on Wednesday.

Every year, EIU lists 140 cities’ scores out of 100, this depends on factors like standard of living, crime rate, transport infrastructure, availability of education and healthcare and economic and political stability.

In this year’s list, Karachi was on the 136th number, making it the 5th least liveable city in the world. The city was above Damascus, Lagos, Dhaka, and Tripoli. Others included in the 10 least liveable cities were Caracas, Algiers, Douala, Harare, and Port Moresby.

Karachi scored 40.9/100

Karachi’s rating out of 100, which is ideal, was 40.9, its stability rate was 20, healthcare 45.8, culture and environment 38.7, education 66.7 and infrastructure 51.8.
Its rating has improved by one point, as last year, it stood in the 137th position.

This is the first time that the index observed impacts of climate change on standards of living, India’s Delhi and Egyptian capital Cairo were ranked 118th and 125th respectively, due to ‘poor air quality, undesirable average temperatures and inadequate water provision’.

“We expect problems relating to climate change to put increasing pressure on liveability scores in the coming years and for the number of cities affected to grow,” – Agathe Demarais of the EIU said.

On the other hand, Vienna in Austria retained its position as the world’s most liveable city. Vienna once ranked ahead of Melbourne, Australia – which was on the top for seven years until 2018.
These two were followed by Sydney, Osaka, and Calgary.

Vienna, which is known for transport convenience, refreshing Alpine tap water, and varied cultural life, got 99.1 points out of 100, just like last year.

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