OPINION: Why Karachi is indeed Pakistan’s best city!

A citizen's perspective!

Being the most significant social hub of the country, Karachi has a culture of its own that is not limited to any specific group of people, language, practices, or norms. Different communities reside all over Karachi, and all of their different cultures have seeped into Karachi’s complex web of social intuitions.

An average Karachiite could attended a Catholic or Parsi or Catholic school, have Shia, Sunni, and Hindu friends and enjoy Burmese Khow Suey served at a party hosted by his Aga Khani business client whom he met at Sindh Literature Festival. This is precisely what Karachi is all about.

Karachi – home for Pakistanis from all corners

Though Karachi lies in the very south of the country, the faces of its population bear marks of harsh winters, edgy mountains, arid deserts, lush green mustard farms, and treacherous seas.

The city may have started as a humble fisherman’s village but today it does not belong to just one group of people. Rather, families from all four corners of Pakistan work in Karachi either running their own businesses or working for others.

A busy street in Karachi will resound with different languages like Urdu, Sindhi, and Pashto; people in Karachi cannot and do not discriminate. All these people have come to Karachi to earn a living, making it the 6th most populous city in the world.

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