Karachi Police announces millions in prize money for anyone who assists in locating these 9 car thieves

The police have issued pictures of the thieves they wish to catch dead or alive.

Pakistanis living in big cities are struggling to keep their vehicles safe from car thieves. According to reports, thousands of cars and bikes are stolen every month. Recently, Anti-Vehicles Lifting Staff (AVLS) recovered 500+ stolen vehicles in Lahore. The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) is now preparing to go after the most wanted car thieves in Karachi.

AVLC has written a letter to the high police officials suggesting Rs. 64 million reward money to capture the nine wanted car thieves whose network has been operating in the city for years. The police have issued pictures of the thieves they wish to catch dead or alive.

List of Most Wanted Car Thieves

Here is a list of a gang of nine car thieves and criminals involved in dozens of cases ranked in terms of priority arrest along with the bounty amounts on their head:

  • Ghulam Yasin Bhayo – Rs. 10 million
  • Imran Bhayo – Rs. 10 million
  • Kashif Abro alias Anwar Ali – Rs. 10 million
  • Akbar Ali Bhayo – Rs. 10 million
  • Nazeer Bhayo – Rs. 10 million
  • Mujahid Jamal Mirani – Rs. 5 million
  • Muhammad Khan Mallah – Rs. 3 million
  • Mumtaz Bhayo – Rs. 3 million
  • Hakeem Bugti – Rs. 3 million

Note from the Police

The Karachi Police are actively looking for these criminals and need the public’s help to put them in prison. If you have any information on these suspects, don’t hesitate to contact the police and let them know. Your help in catching these car thieves can get you millions of prize money. 

How to save your vehicles from getting stolen?

Alongside asking the public for help, the Karachi police are also spreading awareness to minimize car and bike thefts in the big cities. Citizens can do the following to keep their vehicles safe from thieves. 

  • Park your vehicles in safe and secure places, not just anywhere on the road. 
  • If you can’t find secured parking, use a security lock to steer clear of any theft.
  • If you ever find yourself in an emergency, call the police at 15.

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