Karachi Police Is Now Arresting People For Throwing Garbage Openly

Shortly after Sindh government’s ban on dumping industrial and household waste in the open, Karachi police have started to take immediate action against the citizens who are throwing garbage by registering cases against them. As said by Nabi Bux SHO Adil Khan, the police have arrested two people who have allegedly thrown garbage openly on the main road in Karachi’s old city area.
The two suspects named Irfan and Abdul Qadir were arrested, an FIR was lodged against them under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of Pakistan Penal code.

The arrested men were later presented to the local court and were later released on bail, according to SHO Adil Khan. Khan said that the necessary action was taken after provincial government’s formal ban on disposing of garbage openly to curb the hazardous issue of environmental pollution and health complications associated with it.
Similar action was taken against the offenders for throwing garbage outside their homes in Saudabad, Garden and Khawaja Ajmer Nagri areas. The ban was imposed by Sindh Home Department on the recommendation of water commission appointed by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Karachi’s garbage emergency has been an area of concern for many years. The mounds of garbage piled up everywhere across the city and showed that immediate action was needed to counter that. The magnitude of the problem is so massive that there is no exact data available to exactly tell the statistics of the amount of solid waste that metropolis generates daily, but it estimates to thousands of tons.

Most of that waste is exposed to open environment where it stays for weeks before it’s ‘’inefficiently’’ disposed off, making the entire locality vulnerable to breathing and other health problems. The effective action will hopefully make an impact in making citizens realize their role in dealing with the problems.

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