Karachi: Prices of branded bread and bakery items increase by 9%

The total price increase in bread and other bakery items from 2019 till to date stands at 37%.

Hobnob Bakery, Karachi.

Branded manufacturers in Karachi have dropped a price bomb on consumers by raising the rates of bread and other bakery items by 8.5%-9%.

It is pertinent to note that Karachiites have already struggled to survive under the high prices of chicken, mutton, beef, wheat flour, sugar, and other daily edible items.

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In the price list released to retailers, the manufacturers attributed the price hike to the rising rate of raw materials, utility bills, and distribution costs.

Earlier in July 2020, consumers braved over an 11% hike, while in 2019, bread prices were pushed up by over 8% ahead of Ramadan, followed by another price hike by 9% ahead of Eid-ul-Adha.

The total price increase in bread and other bakery items from 2019 till to date stands at 37%.

New Prices.

Neco’s brown bread full.

According to the new price list, the mini-plain and milk bread now stand at ₨. 45 and ₨. 46 compared to ₨. 40 and ₨. 41.

The new price of small (plain and milky) bread is ₨. 65 and ₨. 66 versus ₨. 60 and ₨. 61.

Large plain bread price has surged to ₨. 120 from ₨. 110.

A cut burger bun and a special burger bun pack of four pieces now carry a price tag of ₨. 60 and ₨. 65 compared to ₨. 55 and ₨. 60.

The price of a burger roll has been increased to ₨. 25 from ₨. 20.

Bran bread and pillow pack rusk pack prices have been increased to ₨. 100 and ₨. 90 from ₨. 90 and ₨. 80 respectively.

SAMAA - bread


The General Secretary of the Karachi Bread Association (KBA), Haroon Iqbal, tried to justify this increase.

Iqbal stated that the rate of superfine flour has increased to ₨. 3,275 per 50 kg bag, which was ₨. 2,950 during July 2020.

Meanwhile, sugar now costs ₨. 94 per kg versus ₨. 87 during July 2020.

He added that wrapping products (poly bags) price are now ₨. 675 per kg as compared to ₨. 450 in July last year.

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On the other hand, ghee and oil price are available at ₨. 250 per kg and ₨. 233 per liter as compared to ₨. 166 and ₨. 162, up by 51% and 44% in the last ten months.

The gaining rupee has brought down the cost of imported raw materials.

Nevertheless, according to Iqbal, in the case of bread and other items, the imported raw materials and products like preservatives, improving agents, and emulsifier prices had remained unchanged. They hold 22% of the total cost of bread manufacturing. 

According to Iqbal, the share of small and mini bread is 70% of total sales of bread and other bakery items.

However, the consumption of bread usually declines by at least 40% during Ramadan.

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