Karachi Saw It’s First Hailstorm In Four Years And The Pictures Are STUNNING – See Them Here

Winter is the most anticipated season in Pakistan as in the recent few years, the warmer months have turned insanely hot. Especially in Karachi, where the residents crave for colder weather, this year has been quite lucky.
Karachi saw the carpeted streets as pellets of hail covered them entirely. The intensity of cold weather has increased as the Karachi metropolis was hit by a hail storm and 12.7 mm rain dropping temperate to 13-degree Celcius earlier Monday.

Source: Attar Khan/Express

Needless to say, the excitement of Karachiites was overwhelming. According to Express News, the heavy rainfall caused load-shedding in several parts and many areas were blacked out till Fajar. Well, even the absence of electricity couldn’t tone down the overwhelming emotions of the citizens.
The Director Of Climate Data Processing, Abdul Rashid said that Karachi saw a similar hailstorm back in 2013. That’s right, after four years they have got to witness the beautiful natural sight.

We know you must be tempted to see how Karachi looked with the ice pellets. We have got your back! If you are situated in any other place in the country or the world, let us take you to the mesmerizing pictures and responses post-storm that the citizens were generous enough to share with the social media community.
Karachi witness an incredible storm and the citizens took the entire social media by storm!
Here we go:





When it comes to rain, they definitely are the trend-setters!



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