Karachi students invent ‘Speaking Glove’ for those who can’t hear

Speech Generator Glove weighs around 300 grams and can convert 28 Urdu words into sentences.


  • Speaking Glove will give ‘tongue to a dumb’.
  • The glove has sensors installed that will turn sign language to audible speech.
  • Speech Generator Glove weighs around 300 grams and can convert 28 Urdu words into sentences.
  •  The electronic glove of UIT students is to convert Urdu language hints for Urdu sounds.

The Electronic Speaking Glove can be defined as an exclusive design to facilitate easy communication through synthesized speech for the benefit of speechless patients. Generally, a speechless person communicates through sign language which is not understood by the majority of people

Source: itechsoul

In an attempt to give a voice to the voiceless, Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) in Karachi has come up with a gadget.

It is a glove with sensors installed inside that’ll turn sign language into audible speech. The ‘Speech Generator Glove’ is the invention of a group of students to help people with hearing loss or those that are unable to speak.

“The gestures performed by the glove will be read by the sensors through imperative computer programming C language. The readings will then get translated to a speaker” – said one member of the project.

The glove is not too heavy. Its weight is about 300 grams and has the ability to convert 28 Urdu words into full sentences. The students say that they are currently working on adding more words as its total capacity is 3000 words.

The Speech Generation Glove is an amazing invention that will serve people around the country and will make the speech a lot easier. It will make conversation with people who are unable to hear convenient. Such initiatives. with easing the lives of people, also make the stars with disabilities feel more included and owned by society as a whole.

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