PM Imran Khan’s ‘Karachi Transformation Plan’ | All you need to know

During the meeting, The PM said, "The country's development is linked to Karachi's progress."

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has directed his government members to finalize the proposed ‘Karachi Transformation Plan.’ The PM has taken all stakeholders on board so that it can be approved and implemented.

The PM’s remarks came during a high-level meeting, in which a proposed plan designed by the planning ministry to address challenges encountered by Karachi was discussed. According to the PM Office, the premier was briefed on the proposed ‘Karachi Transformation Plan’ that “has been formed following Karachi’s problems and development conditions.”

The plan intends to find a permanent solution to solid waste management, water shortage, cleaning of streets, sewerage, and transport.

During the meeting, The PM said, “The country’s development is linked to Karachi’s progress.”

He added, “The government is aware of Karachi’s residents’ challenges that they have been facing for decades. The Centre will play its role in solving the city’s problems and its progress.”

The meeting comes a week after the port city was flooded by destructive monsoon rain that claimed the lives of more than 30 people.

Karachi experienced the heaviest rainfall in a single day in 53 years. Roads were flooded with water, and, in many areas, houses were inundated. Power supplies and mobile signals were interrupted for days due to damage to infrastructure.

Following the city’s destruction, the Prime Minister had last week assured that the federal government would “not abandon” the people of Karachi “in their time of crisis.”

He tweeted, “My government is fully cognizant of our people’s suffering in the wake of the heavy rains, especially the people of Karachi.”

Khan also stated that the Center would work with the Sindh government to resolve Karachi’s years-old issues, like the desilting of gutters and improving its drainage system.

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  • This is natural disaster, hopefully after rescue efforts completed as soon as possible, Karachi people life will come back to normal. Karachi brave people showed up their patients during this time are great and helps each other plus all welfare aorganizations works examplery.

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