Karachi University issues instructions on ‘how to use social media’ for students

Here is what the notification said

The University of Karachi in its new code of ethics has directed the students to use social media ‘ethically’.

As per the guidelines issued by the KU Student Adviser Dr. Syed Asim Ali, students shall not be part of any activities “against the ideology of Islam and Pakistan, or national security and integrity, and no interference in the varsity’s administrative activities.”

“The social media activities of the students must be in accordance with ethical norms that must not provoke regional and sectarian divide,” the statement read further.

The students have also been advised to keep a close eye on outsiders who come to the university and get involved in non-academic activities.

Furthermore, the KU administration has also warned strict action against the smoking, use, and sale of gutka, paan and chhalia in the university’s premises.

“No unauthorized use of the varsity’s property is allowed including transport,” the students were directed further.

Moreover, the students have been advised to cooperate with the security staff for ensuring discipline and respect teaching and non-teaching staff.

“All students should follow the university rules and regulations, including maintaining at least 75 percent attendance in classes.”

In addition to that, carrying of arms or ammunition has also been banned and that strict action will be taken against the violators.


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