Karachi University’s Security Guard Completes MPhil, Gets Hired as Visiting Lecturer [Video]

A security guard of the University of Karachi (KU), Akhtar Nawaz Khattak, has set an example of hard work and determination.

Despite doing his duty and taking care of his family, the 35-year-old managed to complete his MPhil. Now, he has been hired as a visiting lecturer in the university’s department of criminology.

Akhtar Nawaz Khattak shared his story with a private news channel. During his interview, he said that when he moved to Karachi, he had completed his intermediate education at that time.

Khattak told the news channel that he got a solar powered water pressure pump approved for his village from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Regarding his future plans, he said that he would like to complete PhD next.

The hard working man focuses on his studies in the day and does his job at night. It was the head of the department who suggested him to start teaching as the department required teaching faculty.

The 35-year-old revealed what was it like to deliver a lecture to the students. Akhtar Nawaz Khattak admitted that he has been unable to give proper time to his family due to his job and education.

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