Karachi: Video of a Christian nurse being beaten by colleagues over blasphemy charges goes viral

An eyewitness told a source, she was tied up with ropes and locked in a room before the police were called.

A Christian staff nurse at Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, Karachi, has been accused of committing blasphemy.

A video of women slapping and beating the nurse has gone viral on social media. The victim has been identified as a 30-year-old nurse named Tabita.

According to details, on the 28th of January, Tabita’s colleagues at Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, where she has been working for the past nine years, accused her of committing blasphemy.

Sources have revealed that Tabita had not said anything against Islam or in respect of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).nurse


After investigation, the police found all charges against Tabita were baseless.
The police also revealed that Tabita had committed no blasphemy, but it was just a misunderstanding between the colleagues.

The investigating officer cleared the 30-year-old of blasphemy charges and allowed her to leave the police station safely without any further restriction.

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  • Even if she is cleared by the police or law enforcing agencies, who will save her from the savage society, who has no knowledge of religion , neither any understanding of the situations. I feel that she might be victimised in coming days. Better that she gets out of the country as soon as possible.

  • جرم ثابت ہو جاتا تو اس عورت کو پھانسی دی جاتی۔ اب وہ بے گناہ ثابت ہو گئی ہے تو اب جھوٹا الزام لگانے والوں کو بھی پھانسی دو

  • اب ان کو بھی اسی طرح سر عام مارو جنُ۔۔۔زادوں نے جھوٹا الزامُ لگا کر اس کو مارا اور بے عزت کیا اور پھر ان پر قذف کا مقدمہ چلا کر سزا دی جائے جس ۔۔۔زادے زاتی مخالفت پر بے گناہ غیر مسلموں پر زیادتی کرتے ہیں انُ کو عبرت ناک سزا دی جائیے

  • Person or persons who accused her and then beat her should be locked up. Better still, let the victim beat them and then lock them up

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