Karachi: ‘White Corolla Gang’ of robbers strike again, but with different members

The police lodged a case against both the robberies and launched investigations.

A new ‘White Corolla Gang’ of robbers has surfaced in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi. The burglars have already robbed two bungalows in two days.

The first robbery took place on Saturday, the 7th of November, in a DHA Phase VIII bungalow. The thieves entered the residence by scaling the wall and disarmed the security guard by snatching his weapon. The robbers held one guard hostage to woo the other two guards into surrendering. Soon after, the robbers swept the house of valuables and escaped in the signature white Corolla.

The second robbery occurred 24 hours later on a Sunday night. The robber’s gang broke into a bungalow in DHA Phase V and held the private security guards hostage. The team then browsed the house, gathered together many expensive valuables, including a pistol, a revolver, a costly dagger, gold jewelry, and cash, and fled.

Following the unfortunate incident, the two DHA families reached out to the police. The police lodged a case against both the robberies and launched investigations.

During the investigation, the police got hold of the first robbery’s CCTV footage, which showed five suspects carrying out the crime. Analyzing the footage further, the police revealed:

This new gang of robbers, using a white Corolla, is separate from the ‘White Corolla Gang’ of the past. These robbers do not appear to be professional criminals as they left fingerprints and other evidence behind.

According to the police, currently, the investigating officials are collecting the evidence, and on-field officials are carrying out geofencing in the crime area. Moreover, sources state that many officers have initiated raids to arrest the suspects.

Further investigation into the matter is underway. Only time will tell if the police will soon capture the new gang of robbers, or the robbers will continue to cause distress for the residents of Karachi.

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