Karachi, World’s Second Largest Consumer of Cannabis

According to Weed Index-2018 report, despite having a ban on marijuana, Karachi remains the second largest consumer of cannabis in the world consuming approximately almost 41.95 tonnes used in 2018.

New York stood on number one spot among the cities with 77.44 tonnes consumption while New Delhi was on the third spot with 38.26 tonnes use of the drugs.

The top ten list included: Los Angeles, Cairo, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Moscow and Toronto respectively.

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Last year a study by Seedo also ranked Karachi at the second spot as well. Seedo is an Israel-based company which sells devices to grow marijuana at home. Seedo presented this report ranking 120 cities across the world. Seedo’s 2018 CannabisPrice Index also ranked India’s New Delhi among top 10.

The drug culture among Pakistani youth has reached an alarming level, pressing for the need to address the issue from the root cause. Not just in Pakistan where mental health remains a taboo and the drug dependency is often a by-product of detracting mind, personal life challenges and depression along with peer pressure and concerning aspects, the issue remains a challenge to tackle in rest of the world as well.

As per United Nation stats of 2008, illegal drugs are consumed by about 208 million people across the world, or shall we say 3.9% of the total world population.

The number of cocaine-dependent individuals is over 27 million, 0.6% of the world’s total adult population. The age of addicts is mostly between 15 years to 64 years old. The rising risk can be well reflected by the fact the number of drug consumers is expected to rise by 25% in the next two decades.

As indicated by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), around 800,000 people in Pakistan use heroin on daily basis. America, considered the biggest drug user, is below Pakistan when it comes to heroin consumption, where 44 tones are consumed every year. The ratio is about two to three times higher as compared to the US.

As per UN, the total number of drug addicts in Pakistan stands at 7.6 million – 78% male while 22% female. The number of addicts is rising harrowingly every year, with them increasing as 40,000 per year. Alarmingly, the majority of these heroin addicts are below the age of 24.

While in the age where one is in the best shape and energy, rather than contributing positively towards the society, the majority of our youth has fallen prey to the curse. With no emphasis on tacking the challenge, nil expert intervention and failure to launch any effective awareness drive – the challenge seems impossible to tackle in the near future.

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