Karachiite Storms KFC For Selling Him Rotten Meal – Beware Of Risking Your Children’s Health

It’s disappointing how we take care of everything that our kids are doing, except what they are eating. People have now started to become a little more concerned about what we are intaking but the research has been filled with shocking revelations. From horrific kitchen conditions of reputed bakeries to what we are being fed in tetra packs, it is evident that the rising number of diseased people is closely linked with our food intake.

when we are taking our children out for a lunch, we try to pick a place that is reputed and has an established brand name because we assume that they will be offering quality. Well not really. A recent incident that took place in KFC, which is one of the pioneers of fast food in the world, has left us all shocked.

A video recorded by a customer who was sold stale food by KFC confronting the manager of the branch went viral.

This literally exposes what we are being sold in the name of quality. Most of us trust these big names and are always happy to spend a little extra for that, but they are only manipulating that confidence by risking our health.
Consumption of stale food not only causes diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain but can also be a reason for bacterial infection. Now imagine a kid going through all this? Fast food is already horrible for kid’s health as they have a vulnerable immune system, what kind of a damage can trite fast food do?

We really appreciate this man to take a stand against it and making people more aware. We hope that serious action is taken against the responsible individuals and also we start to closely consider what we are feeding our children as well.

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