Karachi’s DHA arranges its first women-only racing competition!

KARACHI: Born2run Pakistan hosted a racing competition on an early Sunday morning in DHA in which numerous women enthusiastically took part.

A ‘Women Power Run’ took place on December 6th in DHA Phase-8, where a cheerful set of participants and spectators began arriving very early in the morning. The participants were to start from Ramada creek, up to Savor, and then back, to run 5km approximately.

More than 50 women from diverse age groups participated and were greatly cheered on by those watching. Sohail Sardar, the founder of Born2run Pakistan, was solely accredited for the coaching of these participants.

The race awakened the roadrunners inside many of the racers, who demonstrated incredible briskness and secured medals and prizes. Haani Mazari, Shiza Saqib, Isma, and Nida Khan secured the titles of the winner, first, second, and third runner ups respectively.

On the other hand, some were not as successful and lagged behind. However, Sardar ensured that everyone felt optimistic and gave out consolation prizes to those who were last.

Sardar has long encouraged women, men, and children alike to take part in running and related activities. He and his group provide a chance for people to engage in a fruitful exercise while interacting with their friends and family.

He was evidently pleased with the outcome of the race, expressing how it represented women’s empowerment and betterment. Moreover, the participants also appreciated the unique experience and wished for similar events to be conducted in the future.

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