With Karachi’s Saddar Market ranked at top, here is the list of ‘highest tax contributors’ of Pakistan

Following Karachi's Saddar Bazaar was Islamabad's Blue Area, where Rs. 39,935,580,162 were accumulated from 5,854 tax filers for the fiscal year ended in June 2018.

Empress Market, Saddar. Karachi

Karachi’s iconic Saddar Bazaar is the highest taxpaying market in Pakistan, according to data shared by the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) for the year 2018.

According to the Tax Directory Analysis, Rs. 77,177,558,945 were accumulated in taxes from 72,339 tax filers in the Saddar Bazaar for the year ended June 30, 2018.

Among the leading taxpaying markets in Karachi was Jodia Bazaar, situated in Saddar, where Rs. 3,059,924,445 were collected in taxes from 2,384 filers.

Trucks being unloaded at Karachi’s Jodia Bazaar on Tuesday, days before the COVID-19 lockdown. (White Star/DAWN)

Likewise, Karachi’s Market Estate Avenue contributed to Rs. 6,191,036,104 in taxes collected from just 774 filers.

A view of Karachi’s I.I. Chundrigar Road on a good evening. The road functions as the backbone of Pakistan’s largest financial center, and is often referred to as “Pakistan’s Wall Street.”

Similarly, an amount of Rs. 3,314,055,039 in taxes was collected from 202 filers from The Forum in Karachi.

The Forum, Karachi.

Following Karachi’s Saddar Bazaar was Islamabad’s Blue Area, where Rs. 39,935,580,162 were accumulated from 5,854 tax filers for the fiscal year ended in June 2018.

Islamabad’s Blue Area.

Moreover, Lahore’s Multan Road contributed to Rs. 10,912,783,552 in taxes collected from 17,800 filers.

Multan Road, Lahore. (Flickr)

Likewise, an amount of Rs. 4,175,140,322 in taxes was collected from Lahore’s Raiwind Bazaar.

Raiwind bazaar, Lahore,
Raiwind Bazaar, Lahore, in the 1960s. (Bygonely)

Furthermore, Peshawer’s Karkhano Market contributed to Rs. 5,274,998,666 collected from 10,417 tax filers.

Karkhano Market, Peshawer.

FBR has compiled the data based on the registered addresses of filers. Retail outlets have been reported as per the registered address of their head offices.

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