Inspired by a Jeddah Corniche, Karachi’s sea view to get a new face-lift!

The Sindh provincial government says Karachi's modernization and beautification are part of a major goal to fortify Pakistan's largest city.

Sunset from Sea View, Karachi. (Wikimedia)

Inspired by a Jeddah project, a municipal agency in Karachi plans to turn a coastal area into a recreational area, which will be open and free to the public.

In April last year, representatives of the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) explored the Jeddah Waterfront resort project, part of the Jeddah Corniche, a 30-km coastal resort area along the Red Sea.

They carried consultations with Jeddah’s authorities to transform Karachi’s 2.83-km-long Sea View area into a more pleasant space, where visitors could enjoy modern facilities.

Camel riding at Sea View. (INP PHOTO/S Akber)

“There will be no walls. It will be an entirely open space, accessible to all,” CBC spokesperson Amir Ali told Arab News, adding that entry will be free of charge.

“The beach we have presently doesn’t offer much to visitors from across Pakistan or abroad. CBC authorities realized we should have the finest beach, complete with all required facilities.”

He added: “This is a non-commercial project constructed with restricted resources, yet it will offer maximum recreation.”

Already existing benches on Karachi’s Sea View.

The Sindh provincial government says Karachi’s modernization and beautification are part of a major goal to fortify Pakistan’s largest city and economic powerhouse, long plagued by rampant crime, poor road infrastructure and transport, water and electricity shortages, and traffic congestion.

Yet politicking by local parties and wrangling amongst the different government levels have long stalled Karachi’s growth for decades and has contributed to holding back development.

Karachi’s Sea View is empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering this, the resort project, called “Beautification of the Clifton Beach,” will not be easy.
The project comprises two significant parts.

One will initiate at the Nishan-e-Pakistan monument and end at the Chunky Monkey amusement park. It will have a jogging track, a walkway, a green place, seven restaurants constructed from wooden materials, four public conveniences, and two emergency first-aid rooms.

Rare beautiful view from Karachi’s Sea View. (Wikipedia)

The second part, starting at Chunky Monkey, will end at Village restaurants. It will have a yoga place, stalls, a food court, three watchtowers, parks, a garden, a reading area, a playground for kids, prayer facilities, and a beach deck.

As per CBC, the project is environmentally friendly and has received a certificate from the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

Sea View on normal evenings.

“The project was organized to keep in mind environmental aspects so that no high rise construction will be included,” CBC’s Ali said, adding that 70% of the area will be green, enveloped with grass, mangroves and miswak trees, with the vegetation serving as a barrier between the main road and the beach. It will also help block the sand from entering residential areas.

“Over the past decade, many nations in the world, including Saudi Arabia, have developed their beaches and turned them into fine recreational spots,” he said. “We are also planning to do the same.”

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  • Another conspiracy against Karachi. There is no comparison between Jeddah and Karachi corniche as Jeddah Seaview is stretched to roughly 80 kilometers while Karachi Seaview is hardly three kilometers. This small portion of opening to sea is itching their greedy eyes and want to usurp this very portion giving open to sea. How cruel!

  • I am resident of dha near village very happy that cbc is thinking to do something about seaview specially the ocean sand which enters our home which is very unfortunate for us living here plz do the good asap goodluck.

  • All projects start with much fanfare, later shelved and even if completed then no maintenance no sense of civic sense by the public and left to rot

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