Kartarpur Corridor: construction of bridge over river Ravi completed


  • Building works at Kartarpur corridor is in the final phases of construction.
  • Construction of the bridge over river Ravi is fully constructed.
  • Development works at the visa-free corridor will facilitate Sikh yatrees visiting the shrine of the founder of Sikhism.

The construction work is in process on the extension of Guru Dawara Baba Guru Nanak – the founder of Sikh religion at Kartarpur village. Construction projects include 4.5 kilometers long road from Gurdwara to Indo-Pak border, an immigration terminal and a bridge above the river Ravi.

Construction work is underway at the famous shrine of Baba Guru Nanak – founder of Sikh religion.

Residents and visitors of the Kartarpur are very thankful for the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. They can be heard as showing their explicit regard for materializing the work at Kartarpur in such a short duration of time.

PM Imran Khan had visited Kartarpur on November 28, 2018, and laid the foundation stone for the construction work at Kartarpur. Dozens of laborers are working for the timely completion of the Kartarpur project.

The work on Baradari (A building with 12 doors), construction of washrooms, road, and a bridge over the river Ravi is in the final phases of construction. Especially road and bridge construction is almost 95 percent completed. The remaining work of the project will be accomplished after Eid-ul-Fitr”, said Kashif who is performing his duties at the corridor as an Engineer.

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Overall building work is completed to about 70 percent and the remaining 5 to 10 percent shall be finished soon.
A bridge over the river Ravi for which the work was initiated in December last year is 100 percent accomplished.

A glimpse at the shrine of Baba Guru Nanak. Devotees from all across the world come to visit the final resting place of Guru Nanak.

The Narowal city is on 150 to 200 acres of land the district government has acquired more than 1000 acres of land for the Kartarpur city on the directions of the central government. Once the Sikh pilgrims start visiting Kartarpur, a big city will come to the fore.

The construction at Kartarpur will facilitate the Sikh Yatrees from all over the world to easily arrive in the city to offer religious rites. According to reports from Indian media the construction work on the passage would be accomplished by September 30, pretty much before the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak. The construction of visa-free corridor for the Sikh devotees is no doubt is the symbol of peace and a tribute to the first Sikh Guru by Pakistan and India.

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