Kashmir Martyrs’ Day – A brief overview of July 13 events

22 Kashmiri men embraced martyrdom on the day of July 13 at the hands of Dogra Army – photo source Pakistan Today.

The story begins with a young Muslim boy who raised slogans against the cruel Dogra Raj and was arrested for trial in the central jail. It was not for the first time that Kashmiri youth was leading a struggle for their due rights in the valley and the struggle is still continued by the Kashmiris to get their political freedom and basic rights.

It was in March 1846 when the British East India Company sold the land as well as the people of Kashmir to Dogra Raj. Since then people of Kashmir are striving for their due rights as they’re deprived of their belongings and people were then forced to work as laborers even on their own piece of cultivated lands.

The army was employed all around and instead of weight carrying animals Muslim men had compelled to transport goods to far-flung places. In the onset of similar events of cruelty against the Muslims, Eid Khutba was banned in Kashmir on April 19, 1931.

Demonstrations were carried out in the state and the reported desecration of the Holy Book by Dogra Army further invited the mass protests all across the valley. Abdul Qadeer – a young Muslim raised slogans against the center and it was decided to lead a trial against him in central jail.

It was the day of July 13 when thousands reached outside central jail to attend the trial. At the time of prayer, a Kashmiri youth stood for Azan.

He embraced martyrdom in the middle of Azan and another fellow continued the call of Azan. In this entire process, the Dogra Army killed 22 Muslims through firing.


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Afterward, the state observed a complete strike that continued till July 26 starting from July 13. This event is still remembered as Kashmir Martyred Day.

All the 22 martyrs were buried in the premises of Hazrat Khwaja Naqshband’s Shrine at Khwaja Bazaar. Since then the July 13 is observed as the Kashmir Martyr’s Day in Kashmir.

People of Jammu and Kashmir have long been facing atrocities at the hands of administration and law enforcement bodies still they’re in no way ready to compromise on their right of self-determination.


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