In solidarity with Kashmir: Pakistan starts a crackdown against Indian films

PTI-led government bans all sorts of Indian content, products.


  • To show solidarity with Kashmir, Pakistan has placed a formal ban on Indian films. 
  • The incumbent government has also banned the advertisement of India-made products. 
  • Following the ban, the interior ministry now starts crackdown against Indian films and content.


ISLAMABAD: Due to rising tension in India-occupied Kashmir, the Pakistani government has ordered a crackdown on the sale of Indian films. With a formal ban on movies, the government has also banned the airing of advertisements for products that are made in India.

“We have banned Indian advertisements and launched a crackdown on CD shops to confiscate Indian movies” – Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the PM on Information, stated.

On Thursday, while talking to a local media source, she revealed that the interior ministry had already initiated a crackdown on Indian movies in federal capital Islamabad and it will spread to other parts of the country soon with the help of the provincial government.

“Today the interior ministry raided some compact disc shops in Islamabad and confiscated Indian movies”

On the other hand, Pemra (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) has banned the broadcasting of products, which have been manufactured in India, on television and radio.

The letter posted on Pemra’s Twitter account stated:

“However it has been observed that advertisements of various products of multi-nationals, which are either produced in India or carry Indian characters are being aired on electronic media”

The letter also recalled that Independence Day this year has been announced as a ‘day of solidarity with Kashmiris’ by the government due to the recent intense relationship.

The authority also stated that the airing of advertisements, produced in India and starring Indian celebrities on Pakistani media was equivalent to ‘negating the state policy’. Further on, Pemra said that the airing of Indian celebrities on Pakistani televisions ‘aggravates the distress of Pakistani citizens that are saddened and deeply affected by Indian atrocities happening in Kashmir’.

Under Section 27(a) of Pemra Ordinance 2002, broadcasting of all Indian products and personalities have now been banned.

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