Kashmiri child actor wins national award but he is unaware of it as phone lines are jammed

Urdu film 'Hamid' starring Talha won two awards. 

  • Kashmiri child actor Talha Arshad Reshi wins an award for best actor.
  • He still is unaware of it because of halted communications and phone lines.
  • Urdu film ‘Hamid’ starring Talha won two awards. 
  • The film won both awards in Best Child Award and Best Film (Urdu).
  • The director declared the win ‘bittersweet’, as Talha can still not be communicated about his win. 

The 66th National Film Awards were announced and Urdu film ‘Hamid’ won two awards. The two awards fell in the category of the Best Child Award and Best Film (Urdu). Among the winners was a Kashmiri child actor as well, but he is still unaware of his win.

Talha Arshad Reshi, lead of the movie, won Best Child Artist Award. Sadly, he is unaware of the prestige since he lives in Kashmir, which is on lockdown.

The movie ‘Hamid’, is a sorrowful story of a child’s attempt to ‘dial to’ God. The movie also stars Vikas Kumar and Rasika Dugal, it is influenced by the play ‘Phone No. 786’. The director Aijaz Khan stated that this was a ‘bittersweet win’ for him since he could not share the joy with Talha.

“This win for me is bittersweet because my little Hamid (Talha Reshi) who has also won an award is not reachable as the phone lines are jammed in Kashmir. It is his moment of glory as well and I wish I could share it with him right now. The valley has been in turmoil and on the brink of despair since years. I hope fervently that peace and stability is achieved and the people of Kashmir heal” – he said.

Hopefully, the young artist will be able to enjoy his moment of glory. It is painful to think what the people in the valley must be going through right now, as a week later, they are completed disconnected with the outside world.

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