Kashmiri Cricket Players Arrested After The Video Of Them Playing Pakistani National Anthem During Match Went Viral

‘’India is using troops in Kashmir. They are losing the battle of heart and minds. It’s like treating cancer with dispirin’’.

The situation in India-occupied Kashmir is no secret to the world. By use of force, the people are deprived of their basic rights, especially their right to freedom of speech. However, when you need guns to silence the people, it is when its evident that the battle has already been lost and the voice of people can no longer be unheard.
In a recent incident of similar nature, 4 Kashmiri cricket players have been arrested for playing Pakistani national anthem before a cricket match.

As reported by India Times, the cricketers were arrested in Bandipora over the weekend after the video of the team wearing green jerseys and Pakistan’s national anthem in the background went viral on social media.

The arrests have also been confirmed by SSP Bandipora Zulfiqar Azad, who has verified Indian media sources that arrests have been in similar regard. The police is further looking for the organizers of the match. An FIR has also been lodged by police for lawful activities.

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The incidents of similar nature went viral in the past as well. In one instance, the video of Kashmiri players playing Pakistani anthem and saluting in Ganderbal district went viral in 2016. The arrests were made but the players were later let off after assuring from the parents.
In the other incident, both teams in the local match lined up wearing Indian and Pakistani jerseys respectively and both the anthems were played prior to the match.

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