Kashmiri civilians flooding the streets protesting against 3-year-old’s rape

With streets, #JusticeForAimanZehra trended on social media platforms.

#JusticeForAimanZehra: Three-year-old Kashmiri girl raped


Kashmiri civilians have stormed the streets and are protesting on all fronts demanding justice for innocent Aiman Zehra. Protests are being held all across the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

The bone-chilling incident happened in Bandipora. It has shaken up the collective conscience of the society after the disturbing video of the girl in a compromising state went viral. The innocent minor was raped by 27 years old to a point where she was spitting blood.

The people, despite government’s lockdown, have fearlessly taken to the streets demanding immediate action and punishment for the culprit. Additionally, they said that justice delayed in these cases is why the authorities are completely failing to protect the kids.

Kashmiri civilians angry over the rapist’s stance:

The victim: Aiman Zehra


The media sources reported different age for the culprit Tahir Ashraf Mir as none of them seemed to have accurate news about it. Conversely, the protests intensified after the culprit submitted documents to prove he is underage. This can ease up his punishment as underage convicts are tried in India’s juvenile courts and handed lenient sentences.

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Sharing pictures of the protests being organised across Kashmir, tweep @muftifatoomi expressed his views saying: “The 27-year-old man who raped three-year-old Aiman has provided officials with a fake birth certificate, allowing him to be tried as a minor and avoid major punishment. Kashmiri civilians are flooding the streets in protest, despite the government shutdown.”

Protests across social media platforms:

With Kashmiri civilians taking to the streets, the social media users across the world have condemned the horrifying incident. Following the Kashmir protests despite government’s lockdown, the Twitter users are voicing their opinions and supporting the protests.

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