Kathua Rape-Murder Case’s Lawyer Says She Herself Can Be Raped or Killed Inside Court

‘I can be raped, I can be killed’ – the sufferings seem to be never-ending for not the victims neither the people supporting or raising voice for them.
Asifa’s brutal rape and murder in India-held Kashmir sparked a global outrage, however, they still won’t meet a fate different than the other victims.

Above words weren’t uttered by an ordinary vulnerable human being – they were spoken by Deepika Singh Rajawat, Kathua rape victim’s family lawyer. She even said that when she is out of court, she doesn’t feel afraid. But when in the premises of the court, she is afraid that anything can happen to her. She is vulnerable to attack, ridicule or humiliation inside the court, which shows how harrowing the situation is.

Kathua Victim’s Family Lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat

She came to Delhi along with a leader of Gujjar Bakarwal community, Talib Hussain, to attend a protest against Asifa’s murder on 15th April at Parliament Street. Speaking to media, she said that she is being consistently threatened by the head of the Jammu High Court Bar Association, BS Slathia.
She told that on 4th April, Slathia came to her and said, “Look we are on strike, you shouldn’t appear for any case.”
She said that the case is indeed important to her and she is not the bar of Kashmir Bar Association. To which, Slathia allegedly said: “If you won’t stop, I know the means to stop you. Gandgi phailane ki zaroorat nahi hai’’

B S Slathia – Bar Association Jammu President

Rajawat said that this open threat, she is insecure and scared for her own life. She feels like this man could harm her. She said she has approached Chief Justice, asking for protection.
“Chances of anything happening to me outside the court premises are thin. But inside the court premises, I am vulnerable to humiliation, ridicule and attack. Hence, I approached the Chief Justice of the Jammu High Court and requested security.”

On the other hands, Slathia completely rejected the allegations saying she is doing that to garner unnecessary media attention and coverage, which is ‘unfortunate’.


Rajawat, however, said that she will not back down at any cost and continue their fight. But for a fair trial, both she and Talib insist that the case should be moved and investigated out of Jammu and Kashmir.|

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