Big day for animal lovers: Kavaan, the lonely elephant, is FINALLY free

Kavaan is finally free!


 If you live in Islamabad or nearby, it’s unlikely that you haven’t visited the Murghzar Zoo. The small Zoo located in the city was a  popular place for visitors a few years ago. It was hard to find the Zoo empty even on weekdays – but then, you could see that all was not right there.

Animals looked sad, were not properly fed, and were kept in enclosures that were not conducive to their particular species. Two animals always felt the worst kept, Kavaan the elephant, and the Brown Bear.

Kavaan was joined with Saheli for a lot of his life. The pair used to be one of the main attractions of the Zoo. Saheli developed a pain in her leg in 2012, when she was only 22 years old.

The staff didn’t even know how to care for her so they just left her the way she was. She stood on that painful leg for 2 weeks and Kavaan watched her slowly wither away and die in front of his eyes – staying by her side the whole time.

The staff at Marghazar Zoo couldn’t even transport her so they covered Saheli’s body with ice and salt. The administration waited for a team from the natural history museum to come and do something about her instead.

This was when the negligence and the sheer inability of the Zoo to take care of its animals were first noticed.

After Sahelis passing, we saw Kavaan chained in the concrete cell, with his head always facing the wall. He’s spent countless years of his life in this solitary confinement. He was left to just stand through rain, his feet were constantly damaged because of the concrete and he was just visibly not okay either.

Kavaans caretaker accused the Zoo management of stealing the money that was sent set for his food and feeding him what he didn’t even like. But instead of his claims being heard, he was fired from his job.

Even after being dismissed, he still kept coming back to feed Kavaan, as the bond between them was too strong and he couldn’t abandon him too.

The local Pakistani animal rescue teams raised their voice for Kavaan along with petitions filed with to try to let Kavaan go, and Finally, after 3 decades of a terrible life, Kavaan is to be set free.

The Islamabad High Court has given the order to send Kavaan to a sanctuary, within 30 days.

The Brown Bear, that has been seen rocking back and forth for years, with Maggots infesting and with injuries that are usually left untreated, will also be sent to a bear sanctuary.

The few other animals that were left in the zoo will also be relocated away from the Zoo and no new animals are to be brought in until an International agency is satisfied with the conditions.

The internet rejoiced at this happy news!

American pop queen Cher called the news as one of the greatest moments of her life.

Finally, decades of torture for “animals to look at” comes to an end. It’s 2020, and now that we have access to the internet where we can actually see any animal in its a natural habitat that we want to. Therefore Zoos like the Marghazar Zoo have become irrelevant.

This space should never reopen as a Zoo again, we have to let the animals live, full healthy lives away from our viewing pleasure.

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