‘Keemat App’ launched for free delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits at controlled rates

The service is launched by a group of young entrepreneurs that initially targeted the busy working-class.

Rawalpindi District Government recently launched a new ‘Keemat app’ that aims to provide fresh fruits and vegetables at regulated prices. The online app also ensures free delivery offered by the shopkeepers.

End of the monopoly of profiteers and hoarders:

System Network Administrator (NSA) Qamar Nazir claimed to have received 20+ orders of fresh vegetables and fruits from Westridge and Satellite Town areas. The app will help people who don’t have means of going out alone, wish to avoid tiresome traffic, or going through a busy market with multiple shopping bags.

Additionally, Qamar Nazir said that the district Government wanted to end the monopoly of profiteers and hoarders.

Young Entrepreneurs:

Sabzimandi and Fwery are the two companies that are currently providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the public through the online system. The whole service was launched by a group of young entrepreneurs that initially targeted the busy working-class professionals.

System Network Administrator (NSA) explained that the service could be enjoyed for less than Rs 1000, and customers will receive the best quality every time. They are also planning to concentrate on advertising their current model so that the public becomes aware of the app’s benefits.

70% of Pakistan’s population does not have access to the Internet or does not use it, which creates restrictions for the initiative. The Government is currently focused on targeting the class that does not have time to shop.

Another flaw pointed out by potential customers was that the poor don’t have Rs 1000 to spend on fruits and vegetables every day, no matter the quality.

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