‘Keep Army out of political discourse in Pakistan’s best interest’: ISPR


Recently there have been intensified and deliberate attempts to drag Pakistan Armed Forces and their leadership in ongoing political discourse in the country.These attempts are manifest through direct, insinuated or nuanced references to the Armed Forces as well as their senior leadership, made by some political leaders, few journalists and analysts on public forums and various communication platforms including social media .

This practice of unsubstantiated, defamatory and provocative statements /remarks is extremely damaging. Pakistan Armed Forces take strong exception to such unlawful and unethical practice and expect all to abide by the law and keep the Armed Forces out of political discourse in the best interest of the country.

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  • لگا کر آگ شہر کو یہ بادشاہ نے کہا ۔۔
    اٹھا ہے آج دل میں تماشے کا شوق بہت ۔۔۔
    جھکا کے سر سبھی شاہ پرست بول اٹھے ۔۔۔
    حضور کا شوق سلامت رہے شہر اور بہت ۔۔۔
    بیشرمو لگا کرآگ سارے شہرکو ھمیں حاموش رھنے کی بات کرتے ھو

  • سیدھا نام کیوں نہیں لیتے نجم سیٹھی کا ، کرو اس سے اپنے انداز میں تفتیش ، کہ تیرا سورس وف انفارمیشن کیا ھے خبیث انسان

  • Army should stop first interference in politics then can say like this

  • Armed forces should keep their nose out of political system as well!!

  • Army lost respect because of their greediness to power. Every army is for country but in Pakistan country is for army. Directly eating 16% of poor nations budget every year, controlling businesses, real state etc. Performance 0. Shameful!

  • جھکا کے سر سبھی شاہ پرست بول اٹھے ۔۔۔
    حضور کا شوق سلامت رہے شہر اور بہت ۔۔۔

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