Kevin Pietersen & Ahmed Shehzad Respond To Online Bashing

Kevin Pietersen and Ahmed Shehzad have responded to the online bashing they were subjected to after an Instagram live video of the two cricketers went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Taking to their Twitter accounts, the two cricketers explained that it was nothing but just a friendly banter between the two. Ahmed Shehzad wrote that during such difficult times, people spreading positivity and few laughs should be encouraged rather than being criticized.

In times of a global crisis, if someone is trying to spread positivity &a few laughs it should be encouraged rather than being criticised. It was all about a fun chat between two good friends. Please don’t manipulate banter as mocking. Grow up,” Shehzad tweeted.

Replying to his tweet, the former England cricketer agreed with Ahmed Shehzad and encouraged him for his charity work in the northern areas of Pakistan.

“Buddy, we had a fun laugh yesterday & treated each other like we were in the dressing room. D***heads will ruin this for the fun people who actually laughed and enjoyed it like we did! You keep doing the great charity work up in North Pakistan,” Pietersen tweeted in his reply to Shehzad.

In another tweet, the Pakistani cricketer advised Pietersen to ignore the online hate.

In an interview last night with a local news channel, Ahmed Shehzad slammed people who tried to make a big thing of friendly banter for the sake of a few retweets and followers on social media.

An Instagram live session with Kevin Pietersen proved to be a tough one for the Pakistani cricketer when KP started slamming him for his poor performances.

Some Pakistani fans weren’t pleased with how KP interacted with Shehzad during a live video chat watched by thousands of people across the world. Pietersen was heavily criticized for his attitude.


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