Here is all you need to know about KFC’s “Free Family Feast Bucket” WhatsApp messages

Free Family Feast Bucket

Recently, many scams related to Women’s Day have been creating a flair on social media platforms.

In one of these scams, people from across the globe were given these free offers of a free KFC Family Bucket meal. The only condition was that users share the same offer to their phone contacts on WhatsApp or any group on WhatsApp several times to fill up a bar.

Free Family Feast Bucket

According to KFC’s official statement, the offer was a scam designed to steal a user’s personal information.

Once the progress bar has been filled, a ‘continue’ button will be highlighted. After pressing the button, it will lead the user to a dead-end that has nothing but hidden malware. This scam has been specially designed for smartphones as most phones do not contain an antimalware app.

The multinational company has further stated that people who receive such offers cannot even open the respective links. This scam has reached many countries, including Pakistan, and is said to have affected many devices.

However, to avoid being scammed if people are provided such offers, they must first seek out the source behind the offer.’

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