KFC takes a shot at McDonalds with brilliant marketing stunt in Karachi [PICTURES]

Quite innovative!

Powerful brands have always used marketing as a weapon to bring down other competitors. Over time, subsequently, we have witnessed many brands come up with interesting campaigns and promotional activities to get an edge.

The most exciting brand wars Pakistanis have witnessed have been held by fast-food brands. Previously, Burger King took its shot at McDonald’s. Now another contender has joined the party to start a marketing war with McDonald’s.

Taking it to the next level, KFC recently put a huge advertisement billboard over the top of a McDonald’s outlet in Karachi featuring a girl eating KFC’s iconic chicken saying:


Ever since the billboard caught the attention of Karachiites, people can’t stop talking about the marketing stunt. Netizens have flooded social media platforms by posting about KFC trolling its biggest market competitor – McDonald’s. 

Here’s what people have to say about KFC’s brilliant billboard:

While KFC’s marketing has gone viral all over Pakistan, McDonald’s has maintained its silence. Pakistanis can’t wait to see whether the brand reacts to its competitor’s move or continues to keep quiet.

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  • A Brand cannot earn respect or customers by such cheap tactics.

    Your quality and respect for your competitors is what makes you great.

    They must learn this from japan.

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