Khaadi Apologized For Printing Wrong Map Of Pakistan On Their Dress And People Aren’t Willing To Accept It

When it comes to Pakistani fashion industry, Khaadi needs no introduction. In such vigorously competitive environment, they have successfully established a strong name in the market. Their designs and quality is undoubtedly great, which you can tell by the HUGE customer base that they have.

Have you ever seen people when Khaadi has a sale? If not, see yourself:

Recently the brand came under criticism for printing the wrong map of Pakistan on one of their dresses. Uses of flags and maps have become a trend as it serves as a hot selling point for brands, but things went a little wrong for Khaadi.

Their design came under strong criticism as they showed Pakistan ‘incomplete’ and gave Kashmir to India. Of course, it wasn’t acceptable at any cost. People showed a reaction and even decided to boycott the brand as how can they be so inconsiderate.

The brand previously also came under criticism for ill-treatment to its workers. The issue arose that the people in factories are employed at minimum wages and are working in the second-rate working environment.

The brand came out with an apology saying that are extremely sorry for this ‘human’ error and said that the article has been removed from Khaadi shelves across the country.

However, people are not willing to accept the apology.  They are of opinion that this is merely not any minor error, knowing that this is an issue that is quite sensitive and can trigger people’s sentiments. However, also how can Kashmir ‘mistakenly’ be omitted from the map? Pakistan is the country that gave the brand the height it is on today, how can they be so heedless towards its own people.

Khaadi needs to immediately take action against the people who are responsible for it. Brands that have a huge following need to show a responsible behavior to protect sentiments of their followers as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know below.

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