‘Khaani’ Fever Reaches India – Watch Indians React To Famous Pakistani Drama

Pakistan’s drama industry has taken a massive leap forward in recent years. We have always had some quality scripts and storylines, but recently the dramas have been used addressed some sensitive issues as well, which has generally amped up the quality. But whether on such issues or mainstream love stories, the way these dramas are written, executed and performed, one cannot simply overlook it without appreciating.

Recently a GEO TV serial has made the buzz for the actor’s power-packed performances and unique storyline. Khaani revolves around an egoistic, rich and obnoxious individual belonging to a strong political background falling for a girl, who happens to be the sister of the man he previously killed over a minor argument.
Everyone in Pakistan is loving the Feroze Khan – Sana Javed duo and we are not the only one – Indians are really loving it as well. Yes, you heard it right!

Many videos of Indians reacting to Khaani’s OST are present on YouTube and everyone has loved it. Of course, as they say, anything that is touched by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan turns into gold.
An Indian YouTube Channel named Swaggy D uploaded a reaction video to the OST as well and it was able to garner over 300k views and more than 1000 comments.

The comments section was flooded with people suggesting them to watch the drama as well. A viewer also said that if they watch it, they are sure to forget all Indian movies.


Watch the complete reaction video here:




It was good to see Khaani fever reaching India as well. The internet was so hyped and so obsessed with it that it could no longer be overseen. Well deserved so far, hopefully, it doesn’t shatter the expectations in the long run too!

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