Is Khalil ur Rehman Qamar working on a project similar to Ertugrul with Humayun Saeed?

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The famous Pakistani writer and director, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, has always been in the limelight for his outstanding dramas and also for his misogynist comments.

Apart from his blunt views and chauvinist rants about feminism, Qamar left fans delighted when he revealed that he would be working on a script similar to the famous Turkish period drama, Ertugrul.

The Mere Pas Tum Ho writer was recently seen in the show ‘Ghabara Mana Hai’ with the versatile host Vasay Chaudhry. The 59-year-old was asked about the rumors of him writing a project like Ertugrul.

He said, “I have watched the Turkish drama, and I love it. I have said this many times that it is high time that we should introduce our heroes to our public now.”

Further, he responded affirmatively to the question that it would have horses and swords and an exciting storyline.

The host probed that who will play the hero, to which the writer laughingly said Humayun Saeed might play the hero.

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  • KRQ k sath programme itna maza kr rha ta. Achanak es chawwal larhki ne aa k sara maza harab kar diya.
    I’m leaving.
    Khalil sir, see u later.

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