[VIDEO] Khalil ur Rehman under criticism for misbehaving with a female panelist once again

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Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar stirs another controversy.

The Controversial Pakistani writer, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, is once again under fire for using foul language with a female panelist in a talk show.

During the talk show, Qamar lost his cool over the debate on four marriages in Islam and misbehaved with a lady panelist Alia Zehra.

Later, he got up and left the show in the middle of a conversation.

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Khalilur Rehman Qamar lost his mind again during a talk show and used his rubbish language with a lady panelist Alia…

Posted by Salman Choudhary on Friday, February 19, 2021

Last year, during a discussion surrounding the Aurat March, Khalil ur Rehman, known for his intolerance towards women, blatantly abused the journalist Marvi Sirmed on a talk show.

Qamar lost his patience and directed some highly inappropriate insults at Sirmed. The video clip of the show spread like wildfire on social media and spurred tremendous reactions from people.

Qamar was widely criticized for the language he used against Marvi and his stance against feminism in Pakistan.

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  • Most of the time he is right in what he says about such topics.

    But due to his style, the libtards use his incomplete clips to defame him.

  • Tareeqa yehi hota hai ke jab koi baat ker raha ho to bheech mein nahi bolte. Lekin Pakistan mein talkshows ne apna hee format banaya hua hai ke bheech mein ungli kero.

    • es ka matlab hota hey ke mujhet Ungley dooooo…..hum Pakistani Har ghalat kaam ku jaize aur har Sahee kaam ku Najaize kertey hein…….aur result ye hey ke Pakistan khawaar hu geyaa hey…..

  • Mera khyal ha k Khalil if Rehman Qamar sahib by koi ghalat baat nhi ki… Ye Jo sasty k danishwar ban rhi

    Hain ye apni publicity ma jab had sy Bahir jaingi Tu jawab tu aayega…

  • There is no comment against Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. Reason is beacuse he is always speak with logic not for cheap publicity. These girls dont even deserve to debate with him. He is living Legend people please appreciate him.

  • صحیح کیا جب باری خلیل الرحمٰن کی تھی تو اس کو اپنا منہ بند رکھنا چاہیے تھا ۔۔ بدتمیزی کہلاتی ہے یہ ادب کا تقاضہ ہے کے آپ ی باری پہ بولو

  • Correct title is
    Again A Female Panelist Under Criticism For
    misbehaving With Khalil Ur Rehman

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