Khan is the most hardworking and dead honest; Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja Praises Imran Khan saying He is the dead honest.


Former Pakistani Cricketer Ramiz Raja praises Khan’s honesty and credibility saying, “He is the dead honest”. If one has had worked with Khan for 8 years then he’ll surely make one ‘rock solid’, he says. “Khan is the most hardworking and more promising to the teamwork. People often used to say that cricket is somewhat different from the affairs of the state but the same work ethics can be followed on both sides. The game spirit will make one more resilient and more disciplined”, says Ramiz.

Ramiz Raja is a well-wisher and an admirer of the Imran Khan. He is of the view that defeat makes a man more determined to withstand the difficulties of life. No prime minister can ever be so honest and hard working towards Pakistan than Imran Khan, Ramiz quotes the higher up of the Pakistan Army. This, however, is not the first time that Raja praises Khan. He has been highly appreciative of the prime minister and often comments in his favor.

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He further narrates his talk to the prime minister in a special meeting during the oath-taking ceremony. During the meeting with the cricketers Khan replied to my first ever question, “All the other politicians have never experienced the loss and when they felt disappointed, they got confused. I was a cricketer and knew very well the importance of persistence and perseverance. Things like that really helped me in winning the country’s politics”. No great leader has ever borne to this world beyond Imran Khan. Ramiz Raja believes that person to person management, tricks to win the match and reading of the rival’s mind matters the most.

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