Shahzeb Khanzada leaves Ziaullah Bangash speechless over Abaya notification

Advisers Elementary & Secondary Education KP stood by his stance.


  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) made Chaddars, abayas or gowns necessary in all public schools. 
  • The announcement made by KP Advisor on Education Ziaullah Khan Bangash.
  • The circular was taken back following the uproar. 
  • Bangash, however, stood by his stane and defended it in the television show. 

Proposing a unique solution to the issue of harassment and eve-teasing, cases that are sharply rising in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, DEOs came up with the idea of imposing veils in schools.

The initial notification made it mandatory for the female students studying in government schools of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to cover themselves. The district education officer made imposed the compulsion for the principals and headmistresses of government schools to make sure that the female students, from secondary to higher level, wear an abaya, gown or chador to cover themselves.

According to the provincial officers, the step was taken to ensure safety against harassment and ‘unethical’ incident.

“Instruct all students to use gown/abaya or chador to veil/conceal/cover-up their-self in order to protect them from any unethical incident,” the circular said. (read more here)

Shahzeb Khanzada leaves Bangash speechless:

GEO News anchor Shahzeb Khanzada targeted some rigid questions towards Bangash over the controversial move. Shahzeb stressed that how did the government reach the conclusion that it is the fault of the girls and forcing a dress code

Bangash, however, failed to answer every question posed his way. He said that it has been made mandatory by ‘religion’ and they are proposing an ‘Islamic’ solution to the problem. However, Khanzada maintains that the priority should be holding the harassers accountable, effective legislation and implementation, not defining dress code for young girls.

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  • Man what a mind set of government is ? Shahzaib is absolutely correct, what should be done with boys ! boys are rapped too – what should be done for it – the maniac people should stay free – why don`t government catch few people from 100 of cases and hang them in front of people so that – no one dares to do that – our girls are our responsibility as a whole – its not like your sister is unsafe from me and my sisters is unsafe from your safe – every sister should be safe – no mater what dress they wear – they should stay happy freely ! and we all should protect them. its simple!

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