Khawaja Saad Rafique Calls ”Undemocratic” And People Reacted Furiously has been an issue for the present government for a while now. Due to our utmost efforts to show the true image of the political scenarios and the social issues to the people of Pakistan, has faced ultimate criticism, reaction and even a ban.

Due to active role in raising public awareness and bringing the undercovered facts with critical analysis to the forefront and most importantly supporting, was forced offline by the government in May 2017.
The servers of the name were suspiciously removed at their domain host. Without any prior notification or warning, the site was closed. This was the first incident of its type where a site was ‘forced off’ from the servers by the government itself in Pakistan.

However, we still never backed down and are to this day strong and vigilant in fulfilling our commitment. But this seems to be hard to digest for few representatives of ‘democracy’ now. Khuwaja Saad Rafique recently took to Twitter criticizing for anti-democratic activities. Sounds a bit absurd, doesn’t it?

The true essence of democratic system of government is that every individual deserves to have a voice of their own and has the right to give their opinions. Giving your viewpoint is not undemocratic in any denotation, but depriving the public from raising their voice definitely is!
Saad Rafique’s allegations came after this post was shared on the official Facebook page, that included nothing but his own statement.

People supported and the identified that the core motive is to only convey the true fact and figures to general public, amplifying their participation in state affairs.



We leave the rest up to you to decide! What do you think about his statements? Let us know!

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