Khawar Maneka & DPO Pakpattan Controversy Outrages The Social Media Community

The recent elections have brought first lady’s ex-husband Khawar Maneka into quite a limelight – and it seems like he is advantaging on it as well.

Maneka has found himself in the middle of the controversy quite in the initial phase of Naya Pakistan, as he tries to abuse the police and evade as he was stopped at a checkpoint. As per the credible media outlets, a few days back Maneka was stopped at a police checkpoint around 1am on 23rd August, but rather than stopping, he sped up his vehicle in an attempt to escape. His disobedience lead to police chase, ending in police abuse and Maneka escaping the situation without facing any consequences.

However, there was someone who faced the consequences – DPO Pakpattan, Officer Rizwan Gondal. Maneka abused the police officers right after he got off the vehicle and asked DPO to initiate an inquiry against them. Rizwan clearly says no to it, saying that the personnel had done nothing wrong.

Later Gondal and Regional Police Officer were summoned to Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar’s 7-Club road residence, asking them to go to Maneka’s Dera and apologize to him – which Gondal denied doing as well.

Simply for refusing to apologize for performing his honest duty, Rizwan Gondal was transferred. Gondal, who has an image of being upright and performing his duties honestly in the department, was then notified as OSD by Punjab Inspector General of Police Syed Kaleem Imam.

The controversy has outraged the social media community, who are saying that with being a threatening example of abuse of influence, the incident is also deeply demotivating for the honest police officers. Here is what the social media is saying on the Khawar Maneka controversy:

IG Punjab Police, however, has rejected the notion saying that the transfer was made due to unethical treatment by the police officials. He also said that Rizwan Gondal has misquoted the incident and mislead the general public regarding the incident.

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