Khurshid Shah Threw A Fancy Lunch In Sukkur Airport’s Passenger’s Lounge And No One Could Stop Them

Talk about safety and security, and there is another name that pops in the mind synonymous with these two words – airport. But even in such high-security atmosphere, you can pretty much get away with doing anything you want if you have power in Pakistan.
Ever heard of an airport’s passengers lounge turned into party hall? Well, it happened. Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah turned Sukkur airport’s lounge into a literal Shaadi hall and neither Civil Aviation Authority nor Airport Security Force took any action against it.

This one of a kind event occurred on 27th December, when Pakistan People’s Party supporters particularly flew from different parts of the country to take part in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s tenth death anniversary.

All the flights landed at Sukkur Airport and Syed Khurshid Shah saw it as a perfect opportunity to throw a fancy lunch. According to an eye-witness (as reported by ProPakistani), the passenger lounge was divided into different parts. All the senior party members, leaders, MPA and MNA joined the lunch and didn’t really bother about the fact that they are breaking the law. As he further told:

Source: ProPakistani

The witness also added that the regular passengers were harassed and were forced to sit on one side of the lounge that caused extreme discomfort. They were not allowed to even use the restrooms while the others enjoyed the lunch.

A senior official of CAA also informed and said that this isn’t anything new, and has become a norm for the past decade. He voiced his concerns saying that every year the passenger’s lounge is converted in a lunch hall and anyone who tries to interfere in the activity and tries to stop them from continuing it, faces a very hard time.
Apart from the fact that it is a complete violation of other passenger’s privacy and comfort, it cannot likewise be ignored that it poses a serious security threat as PAF also uses the airport for operational usage and transportation.

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