Kia offers a huge discount on Sorento

The Sorento 2.4 AWD is now available at the price of PKR 74.99 lac instead of PKR 78.12 lac


Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC), formerly Kia-Lucky, has offered a massive discount on the Sorento mid-size crossover SUV in Pakistan. The limited-time offer comes on the back of the New Year celebrations and achieves the 50,000 units production milestone in November of 2021. The company will benefit buyers up to a discount of PKR 704,000.

Following this, the Sorento 2.4 AWD is now available at the price of PKR 74.99 lac instead of PKR 78.12 lac, while the flagship 3.5L V6 is available for PKR 74.99 lac instead of PKR 82.03 lac. This means both variants’ prices will be the same for a limited duration.

The 3rd generation Kia Sorento was launched in Pakistan in February 2021 as the most equipped locally assembled vehicle. The car has the biggest displacement engine under its hood, the first locally assembled car to have a V6 engine and the first to have six airbags among all locally available vehicles. It is backed by 4-years/ 100,000 km warranty.

Although the Sorento might be the slowest-selling product in LMC’s lineup, its CEO, Mr. Asif Rizvi, is entirely satisfied with its performance.

Rizvi said in a recent interview with a local news outlet, “Sorentos’ sales cannot be compared to Sportage. The former is a 2.4 or 3.5 liter, 7-seater with six airbags. However, Sorento is a PKR 7-8 million car. There is a PKR 2.5-3 million gap between the two vehicles. The PHR 7-8 million car segment will be smaller.

The need shrinks as you go up the cost ladder, and this applies to automobiles of all assemblers, not just us. In addition, the cost of license increases, not only because of the higher price label but also due to higher taxes and registration prices. Despite this, I’ll say that we’ve expected sales for Sorento in its segment. Sorento is on a passenger vehicle medium and distinguishes itself from a truck SUV.”

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