Kid Thought This Muslim Man Was Santa Claus And Now He Delivers Him Gifts Every Year

Religion, that has been dubbed and manipulated to create a divide, is one of the strongest forces that connects human beings together. The main reason for that is every religion preaches love and kindness for each other.
No matter which religion you belong to, when you hear the word Christmas, you automatically think of a chubby man with a long white beard from the North Pole – The Santa Claus.

To most of the kids, Santa is a fictional character who distributes gifts on the event. But for six years old Alfie, Santa exists. He has seen him, he comes on Christmas to give him gifts and even visits him on his birthday since four years.
Back in 2013, Alfie (from South London) saw a man with a big white beard on the street and screamed ‘’SANTA!’’.
Aflie’s Santa, who is a Muslim man and his real name is Hussain works in an accountancy firm. He turned to Alfie and gave him some money which lead him to believe that he actually was Santa.

Alfie and Mr. Hussain aka Santa.
Source: Buzzfeed

After getting to know the family, Mr. Hussain visits Alfie every year with gifts on Christmas and even his birthday. Alfie’s 13-year-old sister Hayley doesn’t believe in Santa but Mr. Hussain also shares the love with her by getting her gifts as well.

The story was shared on Facebook by Amanda Taylor-Purchase, who is a photographer and also a close friend of the family. She said that she came to know about the story recently and thinks its the sweetest thing ever.
She told Buzzfeed that people appreciated her post as well and were really touched by it. Many of them wanted to thank the real-life Santa and give him their presents as a thank you token. So on Christmas Eve, Taylor accompanied by Alfie went to meet Mr. Hussain and surprise him with two full bags of treats.

Source: Buzzfeed

Taylor added that he is not even a Christian man and its not for his faith. This gesture shows the kind heart he has and he really is going far and beyond.

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