This Kid’s Heartbreaking Video About How Bullying Affected Him Moved The Internet – Watch It Here

Most of the time we tend to ignore the reason why kids have started to behave weirdly all of a sudden. We pay little attention to it however if your child is avoiding to go to school and is mysteriously losing his stuff, there is a strong chance that he is being bullied.

We may think that it is a common thing however it does affect a kid in a way that is beyond imagination. This video is an example of that. A kid from Tennessee named Keaton breaks down telling his experience of bullying. His mom picked him up from school and he seemed quite upset. He then told his mom to make a video of him where he told everything he feels and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

Watch the video here:

His message mobilized the internet community and they were deeply touched by it. The way he told what he went through and had to listen to the bullies at school shows how easily it can affect a kid forever. Simple words like calling someone ‘ugly’ can change someone’s complete perception of themselves making them lose all confidence.
The internet showed him immense love an support. Many celebrities also reached out to him and motivated him to keep himself together and not let it break him.

The internet has been successful in raising about $46000 for his education as well. Keaton’s video is both inspiring and heartbreaking – inspiring as for how this kid felt the need to speak out to people and show them this brutal side of bullying and verbal degradation and heartbreaking as no one deserves to hear all this.

This also shows how we need to be more considerate while choosing our words and be aware of what the vulnerable young ones are going through. It is equally important to be vigilant about it and teach your kid to treat other human beings with respect and dignity.

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