Killed In Crossfire: For How Long Will Karachi’s Youth Suffer?

Nimra Baig, a student from Karachi, was fatally shot after she was caught in a crossfire between police and robbers. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Another day, another tragedy. The weekend was another tough one, with pictures of beautiful and youthful Nimrah Baig floating across social media. With that, her name is added to the never-ending list of young lost we lost and continue to lose in crossfires in Karachi. Nimrah was only 21, minding her own business, going home from her university when the bullet pierced through her head, claiming her life.

She was a final year student of Dow University of Health Sciences, who met the unfortunate incident at Anda Mor in North Karachi while passing by in an auto-rickshaw. She was shifted to JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre), where she succumbed to her wounds.

As if it was not enough. Nimrah’s family also went through a lengthy episode of pain and ordeal after it. She laid in the morgue for four hours because there was no medico-legal officer (MLO) present in JMC to cater to her. The family said that MLO was called at night, and he blatantly refused to come. The deceased’s uncle said that no information is being shared regarding her. They are not giving accurate information about who shot the bullet.

“We are waiting for the final post-mortem report and the forensic evidence from the crime scene, which will be examined along with the rounds collected from the scene” – said Central SSP Arif Aslam Rao. 

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But how many of these cases are actually investigated, especially of this particular nature? Sixteen-year-old Bilal also lost his life to a crossfire back in August last year. While the family longed for justice, the police said it is uncertain if the teen was innocent or not to mask the horrifying incident.

“First of all, we have to ascertain whether the teenager was innocent or with the drug dealers. Secondly, we have to ascertain which bullet hit him” – said a police officer, saying the case will be registered against policemen involved if the murdered is proved to be ‘innocent’. Months later, no progress has been made in this sphere either.

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