Killer of lady doctor & three children turns out to be her ‘PUBG addict’ son

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has claimed four more lives after the murder case of a lady doctor and her three children was resolved by the police. Just a week ago, a lady doctor and her three children were brutally murdered in Gujjumatta Kahna, Lahore.

According to reports, the victims were identified Dr Naheed Mubarak, 45, her 22-year-old son Taimour Sultan and two daughters Mahnoor Fatima, 16, and Janat Fatima, 8. Her eldest son was the only one who had survived as he ‘was sleeping in another house.’

But now, it has turned out that the deceased doctor’s eldest son – Zain – is behind the heinous crime. According to the media reports, Zain – a PUBG addict – killed his mother and three siblings after he was stopped from playing the game.

In a similar case, last year, a PUBG addict shot his brother, sister, sister-in-law and friend in Lahore after his family stopped him from playing the popular online game.

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