Kinnaird College under criticism online for its sexist ‘male-only’ job advertisements

Even when there is no evidence stating that women cannot perform equally well in these 'male-only' positions.

Kinnaird College for Women Lahore has come under heavy criticism for its sexist job advertisements. The institute is hiring skilled people for the roles of ‘Human Resource Officer’ and ‘Manager IT’ – and their key requirement is ‘male-only’.

The advertisements were posted in The Jang Newspaper and the ‘male-only’ requirement for the jobs stirred controversy on the internet. People not only labelled it as discriminatory, but also called out Kinniard for its sexist approach as to how an institute, which is for ‘women only’ itself, does not encourage women to be in administrative positions.

The renowned college urged male candidates to apply for managerial positions, while the ‘office assistant’ vacancy was reserved for female applicants only. This coming from a college that holds a repute for training thousands of talented women every year, disappointed a lot of people.


Here’s how the public responded:

There is no evidence stating that women cannot perform equally well in these ‘male-only’ positions. From Jacinda Arden to Sanna Marin, women across the world have proved to be very strong leaders and compassionate head of states.

For Pakistan to prosper, it is important that we encourage our women to play their part in the workforce and provide them with equal opportunities.

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  • Such postings are not always because they consider men better than women at the said job.
    Its usually because the job requires extra or long hours, which most women cannot/will not put in, because of family obligations. In Pakistan, I have seen this happen very often, where a qualified girl joins a firm, and then a few months later, announces she is quitting because she is getting married, or because her inlaws dont approve, or because she is moving abroad…

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