[WATCH] Kinza Hashmi’s ‘Leaked Video’ creates sensation on social media

Recently, a 13-minute-long video was posted on YouTube and sparked major discussion in many households.

Kinda Hashmi’s Leaked Video goes viral.

In the past few years, the internet has witnessed an outrageous rise in the spread of indecent pictures and leaked videos of celebrities. TikTok stars have become involved in many scandals too. No matter what the number of such incidents may be, they still fail to be an eye-opener for the liberated millennials of Pakistan. However, now there might be something on the internet that may finally talk some sense into the youth about the idea of socializing.

Recently, a 13-minute-long video was posted on YouTube and sparked major discussion in many households. The video titled ‘Leaked Video’ stars the 23-year-old Pakistani actress Kinza Hashmi. 

Kinda Hashmi’s Leaked Video – lesson for the youth.

Unlike what most leaked videos contain, this one is a short film directed by Aabis Raza. The mastermind director behind the production brought this movie to life to spread awareness about what people ‘should’ and ‘should not’ share with others online.

The movie extraordinarily explains the consequences of sharing intimate, indecent pictures over the phone. In the short film, Kinza Hashmi brilliantly represents the young girls of our society – who are often bullied and manipulated into becoming prey to their abuser’s tactics.

The trailer of the ‘Leaked Video’

Kinza Hashmi took to Instagram to share the trailer of the short film. She captioned the post by saying:

Watch Leaked Video – a short film that makes you think twice before you post something on social media

Directed by @razaaabis

Here is the original post:

‘Leaked Video’ was uploaded on YouTube on Friday, the 8th of January. Since then, the short film has garnered more than 400 thousand views! The caption of the movie posted on YouTube reads:

Be very careful when someone asks for your nude videos and pictures, even if it is your fiancé or husband. You never know where they will end up and what mayhem they may bring to your life. Short film Leaked Video starring the amazing #kinzahashmi and directed by #AabisRaza only on #ElementsPrime

Watch the full movie ‘Leaked Video’ here:

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