VIDEO: Actress Kiran Ashfaque shares how she lost 30 kgs weight and honestly, it’s mind-blowing!

Kiran is the wife of Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf.

Kiran Asfaque, a face known in the Pakistani showbiz for her flawless on-screen performances, has shared her incredible weight loss journey. The Pakistani-Malaysian actress can be often seen performing supporting roles in drama serials. She is married to Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf.

Imran himself enjoys immense popularity among the public for his unique challenging roles and humble personality. The fans were thrilled when the couple announced the birth of their son Roham Imran in an Instagram post in the year 2019.

In a recent Instagram video, Kiran talked about her weight loss journey. After giving birth, she gained a lot of weight and weighed over 80 kgs, but she dedicatedly followed a diet routine that helped her get back in shape.

Here’s her detailed diet plan:


  • Two glasses of water before breakfast.
  •  2 boiled eggs + brown bread + a cup of green tea.


  • Diet biscuits, a banana, or simply 2 dates.


  • Green salad.
  • An apple + green tea or fresh orange juice (evening).


  • For dinner, she ate oatmeal, chicken breast, or Tikka.

Kiran shared that water is the secret to weight loss. Staying hydrated not only helps in shedding pounds but improves skin and hair as well.

It took her 4 months to achieve her goal. The actress shared that whenever she felt weak while following her diet plan, she would drink a glass of skimmed milk to energize herself.

Listen to Kiran’s amazing weight loss journey here:

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