Did You Know What The Hole At The End Of The Ruler Is For? – Here Are Common Things We Don’t Know The Use Of

When we purchase a product, there is more to it than what is perceived and understood by the customer. With every intricate detail, the things that we use in daily life might have more to it and serve more functions than we are aware of.
Today, with the help of Facts Verse, we’re here to tell you the use of the things that you probably were unaware of.

Lettering On Make-Up Jar

If you purchase a makeup jar or a skincare product, there is lettering on the back of the product and alongside it, is 6M, 12M, 18M or 24M. Well, they’re not just the coded language understood by the manufacturers, it is actually the expiry date of the product. It is advised to always see it, and use before it to avoid any breakout or infection.

The Small Hole Between The Flash And The Camera In iPhone

At the back of the iPhone, there is a small hole that is in between the camera and the flash. It is not just there for the decoration or to add more detailing, but in fact, it is a small microphone that helps to capture better sound quality while recording videos.

Lines On X-Acto Knives

If you have ever used an X-Acto knife or which we all have used or own, there are small lines on it. They’re not purposeless, when the razor starts becoming blunt or old and doesn’t work efficiently you can actually cut it along those lines and you will have a new razor to work with.

The Hole On The Ends Of A Ruler


The hole on the end of a ruler is not purposeless either, however, it is also not there so you can draw a circle. The need of having to draw such a small circle never really occurs. It is there to so you can hang the ruler with the help of the hole.

Hole At The End Of A Pan Handle

The hole at the end of the panhandle has a greater purpose to serve. It is actually there to provide you with a place to hang the spoon you’re cooking with so that food doesn’t drip from the spoon and makes the kitchen messy.

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